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Stats don’t mean prizes…

Posted in Drivers with tags on December 13, 2012 by philcurryf1

This morning, I read a piece posted on the BBC Sport website by Andrew Benson, which made for interesting reading on a subject I already believed in. I also read some of the comments, and felt many unjust.

To summarise, without plagiarizing, Andrew highlighted that while Micheal Schumacher has seven world titles, he could have won less had circumstances not gone his way. At the same time, Fernando could have had four, as could Ayrton Senna, while Alain Prost may have had five or six, and Vettel only one.

Yet people have perceived the article as full of bias towards Alonso, stating that Andrew has an agenda against Michael Schumacher. Obviously Schumacher is the best, he won seven titles, right? Wrong, and it shows the gulf between true fans of the sport, and those who believe more is better.

Schumacher had a team which benefitted from extensive testing, bespoke tyres and a team-mate who had his back. This led to the domination Ferrari saw between 2001 and 2004 – the 2000 title was fought for. Added to this, there was no driver capable of leading a team to the heights needed until Alonso dragged Renault up there, and it’s easy to see how Michael cantered to his championships.

Now look at Ayrton Senna. Three titles, and could have had more had Imola 1994 not happened. This would have eaten into Schumacher’s seven titles but ignoring that, look at the 1993 season. McLaren had a customer Ford engine, hopelessly down on power on the Williams Renault, while the McLaren lagged behind in the technology race. Their systems were less advanced. Senna fought the car throughout the year winning five races, and never gave up. Why couldn’t Schumacher, with all his seven titles, drag the Mercedes through to more wins?

The article makes for interesting reading, and if you are a true F1 fan, you’ll understand it. Even Schumacher and Vettel fans will understand that their drivers benefitted from various factors. But the vitriol aimed at Andrew Benson is unjust, and shows how narrow-minded some are.

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