Team orders…

What surprised me following the fallout from Malaysia is the authority of the two team principles involved in the team orders arguments. Christian Horner and Ross brawn both instigated them, and both had different ways of ensuring they were adhered to. Only one was successful.

When Vettel was closing on, and pushing Webber, Horner came on the radio saying ‘come on Seb, don’t be silly’. Brawn, when asked by Rosberg whether he could pass, was told quite firmly ‘negative’. Further Rosberg challenges were also met by a firm tone, Brawn clearly telling his driver ‘no’ several times.

Horner could have told Vettel to give the place back – after all, the team told Webber they were not racing, it is likely therefore Webber had turned his engine down. Vettel hadn’t, creating an unfair opportunity.

Mercedes had under-fuelled Hamilton, and therefore felt that as it was their fault he was dropping back, they had to protect his podium place.

One team employs drivers, the other, it seems, is employed by its driver…


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