A breach in Malaysia

I wonder if the Ferrari team management will look back at the malaysian grand prix, and feel they got away without a severe media lashing.

Teams on the pit wall get the same TV feed as the fans, so they would have known the state of Alonso’s front wing. Why they thought it would last a few more laps is beyond anyone. Yes, Fernando was running ok, and yes, he would have needed to stop for slicks. But it wasn’t a risk worth taking. They did, the wing came off, game over.

As it was, there was a much bigger story, that of team orders. Both red Bull and Mercedes employed them, with different effects. I’ve read a few reports, people complaining that team orders ruin the sport. So to clarify – both teams let their drivers race up until the final stops, then asked them to settle. the points for the constructors are, at this stage of the season, more important than those for the drivers. If a team can build a big lead, it can let its drivers race till the end later on.

Mark Webber had controlled most of the race, and was on the slower tyre as per his strategy at the end. He deserved the win, and believed the team was holding station. With performance tuned down, he cruised. Vettel had other ideas, and despite being told ‘multi 21’ he fought to take the lead. As it was, Webber let him through. But Vettel’s actions have cost him quite a lot of lost respect among fans.

At Mercedes, Hamilton was struggling with fuel issues. The team had not put enough fuel in, and decided to stop the cars from pushing each other until the end. Despite Rosberg’s pleas, he was told to stay behind. Hamilton looked genuinally bashful at the end, proclaiming that Rosberg deserved third. If only Vettel had been the same…

A great race has provided talking points, however history will record a Vettel victory and another podium for Lewis.


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