Australia Fair…

Well, what a start to the F1 season!

I don’t think many people realistically expected Kimi to win the first race of the year, but the Lotus certainly had pace. Add to that the resurgence of Ferrari, the continued presence of Red Bull – despite eating tyres – and a strong showing from Mercedes, and it would seem F1 2013 could be as exciting as last year.

Of course, I’ve discussed before that I feel last season ended on a bit of an anti-climax, after promising so much. Indeed, with all the winners (8 in the whole season), it came down to the most dominant driver of 2011, and a driver handicapped by his car.

For 2013 already, we see that Ferrari is hitting the ground running. Mercedes can build, Lotus seem to have decent pace from the beginning, and we all knew Red Bull would be in the mix. Four constructors with good cars, should make for an exciting season.

The main talking point from this race will be the tyres. Ultimately, Kimi won by making two stops instead of three. Mercedes also tried this, but their car was a bit harder on the tyres than the Lotus, resulting in Hamilton losing places and finishing in 5th. Alonso drove a calm and assured race to finish second, while Vettel struggled with tyre wear, and could only bring his car home third. Massa continued his resurgence with a 4th place, after out-qualifying Alonso on Saturday, and Mark Webber was 6th.

Missing from all this front running action were the McLarens, with Button 9th, and Perez 11th. They have some serious work to do to prevent Eddie Jordan from describing the car as a ‘dog’ in China.


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