How I’ll watch F1 in 2013

With the F1 2013 season just around the corner, I should probably point out how I’ll be watching the races this year. Unfortunately, new baby means money in the AAF1 household has new priorities, like nappies, milk and toys (is it wrong to by a Scalextric track for a newborn?). This means for another year, I will be making do with the BBC coverage, nine races plus highlights.

But I’m not upset. I’ve always enjoyed BBC F1’s coverage of the races, and feel last year that they excelled even their previous full seasons. Ben Edwards is an assured commentator, David Coulthard is perfect as a pundit and co-commentator, and Sky will never be able to replicate Eddie – the man who can just walk into a garage and drag people out…!

I think the BBC also did well chosing Suzi Perry to replace Jake Humphrey – big shoes to fill, but with her passion for motorsport, and her similar fun presenting style, It is sure to be another year of great coverage.

So blog posts after races may be delayed – I’m old school, until I have watched it, I don’t want to know results, who went out etc.

Let’s get ready for F1 2013!


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