Vettel’s treble

So another F1 season draws to a close, and despite my earlier musings on feeling cheated, the final race of the season turned out to be a nail biter after all. With Vettel spinning, damaging his car and rejoining last, the hallmarks were there. Would he make places up? Would the damage to the rear of the car prove too much? Could Alonso capitalise?

Of course, we know the answer, and it’s congratulations to Vettel and Red Bull on their third consecutive double championship. Whether they can continue that trend into next year remains to be seen, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against them.

Ferrari, for all accounts, must be feeling lucky to have finished 2nd in the constructors race, with a car that many will agree is a dog. They also have Hulkenberg to thank, as taking Hamilton out of the race meant that McLaren couldn’t amass enough points to overtake them. Had McLaren finished 1-2, or even 1-3, they would have been second.

Therefore, Ferrari have ridden their luck a lot this season, to finish where they have. Next year however, they will need more than luck. Another poor car, or poor strategies, and heads will begin to roll. Alonso has shown his class this year with a bad car, so Ferrari must be kicking themselves to know that with an extra 4/10s pace, they could have had the drivers title.

As for McLaren, there was no fairytale ending for Lewis Hamilton, instead his season continued the dramatic ebbs which it had for so long. Fighting for the win, with a dominant car beneath him again, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time – boxed behind a backmarker while an overtaking move from Hulkenberg ended in him sliding into the McLaren. Lewis walked away, having lost what could have been his last win for a while.

So ends the story of 2012. A dramatic race, which saw titles decided, and minor positions won – Caterham taking 10th in the constructors at the death – Now we look forward to F1 2013, and what I suspect, will be another battle between Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren.


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