Goodbye Jake!

When F1 came back to the BBC in 2009, the corporation needed to try something different. When it left the BBC, F1 was just a bit-part of Grandstand, with no main anchor in its own right. ITV changed the format, employing first Jim Rosenthal and then Steve Ryder in the main role.

So the BBC needed a different dynamic, and they got it. Teaming up the outspoken Eddie Jordan and reserved David Coulthard with the young presenter fresh away from his CBBC days, the ‘three amigos’ effect, as seen on Top Gear, created a show with laughs, fun and F1. Even this year, with the Sky deal taking half the beeb’s races away, the coverage has still be better due to the fun factor.

Watching Jake wingwalk, present from a campsite, and a hot air balloon, has made F1 enjoyable. It is not just about the news anymore, but the banter. Hopefully someone will come in with the same levels of humour and enjoyment to carry on with DC and EJ, but understandably, after four years, Jake wants to spend time with his new family. It’s a shame, but thanks for the memories!


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