US delivers

Well, it’s been a couple of days since the first US Grand Prix for five years, and I think it is fair to say a lot was riding on it.

F1 has always struggled a bit in the States, and the debacle of 2005 did little to help. While the race continued for two further years, the damage was done. So a purpose-built F1 track in the deep south, seemed the perfect place to take the F1 circus away from the mainstream spotlight, while keeping it rooted in an area steeped in motor racing interest – even if it is only tin tops…

And what a race it was! The track offered overtaking opportunities, although Hamilton did struggle initially, and this was probably helped by the tyre choice Pirelli provided, a conservative choice for a green circuit. But with some daring overtakes, a long battle for the lead, a midfield that kept changing, and a winner who is perhaps better known across the pond than Vettel, the US Grand Prix showed America that Formula 1 is not a processional race, that there can be excitement, and that the tyre supplier is happy to have a bit of fun now and again – I loved the cowboy hats on the podium!

The Circuit of the Americas has a long contract with F1, and will be the only race on the calendar in the States next year, thanks to the event in New Jersey being postponed. To be honest, I think that’s the best thing that could have happened. Even though there were impressive numbers, Austin still needs to establish itself before another race comes along. F1 needs to take it one step at a time…


One Response to “US delivers”

  1. Great article! I loved the race and I’ve wrote a little preview for the Brazilian GP here let me know your thoughts.

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