And then it was two…

I can’t help but feel a tad cheated by this season. It started so well, with seven different winners in seven races, and a championship wide open. Yet now, it comes down to Vettel and Alonso – one driver with the best car on the grid (finally), and one who is lucky to be where he is.

Barring a miracle, Vettel will win his third championship. Any doubt about that was dispelled in Abu Dhabi, with his drive to third (and his potential to take second, had it not been for a stubborn Jenson Button). Ferrari do not have the car to match the Red Bull, and Alonso, while performing well above his machine, still cannot drag it onto the top step.

So the exciting start will come down to an almost certain conclusion. I certainly hope I am wrong, but when you see that Red Bull and Ferrari should be fighting with McLaren (who have had the best car for most of the season), Mercedes, Lotus and even Williams, it looked like it could have been anyone’s championship. Now it is a case of the inevitable.

Fingers crossed that with a spread of top drivers in top teams next season, there’ll be more fight at the end of the 2013 championship.


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