BBC’s commentary

I really was unsure when Martin Brundle was promoted to lead commentator. I loved his analysis of various events during a race, and felt that as he took over the lead role, this would be lost. No disrespect to David Coulthard, but I wasn’t sure he would be as insightful.

Martin is an expert analyst, he has won awards for his time in the comms box at various races. Upon taking the lead role, this is clearly something he has not broken out of. And I thought it was great.

Martin’s occasional analysis coupled with the fact that he knew what was going on made it much more engaging. But he didn’t go in too heavy, leaving that to DC, so as not to alienate new fans. The atmosphere between the two seemed warm as well. I had never noticed any strain between Legard and Brundle, until yesterday.

Yes there were a few niggles, like repeating himself once or twice, but these will easily go with experience. I found myself listening to every piece of information that was offered, and really felt drawn in to the race.

DC did well, he carried on his role of analyst alongside Jake Humphrey in the pits, and he worked well, never having to cut over Martin, the way he had to cut over Legard.

One other thing – I have never heard the lead commentator correct the analyst! In qualifying, DC questioned why Vettel was using softs, to which Martin replied – “well they only have 11 minutes to set a time, so they need to get a good lap in…” i could somehow never see Murray doing that to him!

Good call BBC, and well done to Martin and David. Long may this partnership continue.


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