Those tyre markings

having watched FP1 and FP2 today, and going through the highlights, I can say honestly that I cannot see which tyres the cars are on at speed.

From the onboard shots, on the T-Bar camera, you can see the yellow markings, but not the silver. From any other camera, you can’t see anything.

On track, the car is more often driving toward the cameras. By the time it reaches them, the camera tracks so quickly to follow it, you don’t have time to focus on the wheels. The yellow was very blurred, the silver merged perfectly with the black.

At least with the lines on the sidewall, there was a constant colour going around the wheel, so it didn’t blur in. Plus, the car coming toward you, there was still the chance to see if the option, or prime tyres were bolted on. I find I am having to do too much work to see who is running what.

We won’t see the red and white combo for a few races yet, but I don’t hold much hope. I remember Bridgestone played with the idea of big coloured dots on the tyres at one point, and they decided on the stripe solution instead.

Sorry Pirelli, nice try, nice idea, but it isn’t working.

Although I welcome your comments!


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