HRT in trouble again

It seems to be a case of Deja Vu at Hispania. First, they arrive at a grand prix with no testing, and then they get one car out in FP2 for an installation lap, but no more.

I want to like this team, the way I used to like Minardi – back of the grid strugglers who do their best. But unlike Minardi, they don’t own up to their problems. Take the whole FOTA argument. Then the extraordinary statement that if they didn’t have rookie drivers, they’d have beaten Lotus to 10th last season.

You also have to ask – how much did they pay for a top Hollywood designer to create their livery? Then who decided to go public with the lack of sponsors, by paining the car in ‘you could go here’ slogans – usually reserved as fillers in magazines.

The situation they find themselves in in so absurd, that one Twitter feed this morning wrote: “Luizzi is seated in the car – so the seats are not stuck in customs!”

The team now say they will get both cars out and running in FP3. Still however much they do, indeed if they do anything, they will need to find a set-up and hone it, ready for qualifying. Once there, they need to beat the 107% target. I can’t see them doing it.


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