The Pirelli colour system

Ok, hopefully we have all seen it now. Pirelli have decided not to follow Bridgestone, with a stripe around the softer compound at races. Instead, they will colour their logos, using different colours for each individual compound

Super soft = red / Soft = yellow / Medium = white / Hard = silver / Intermediate = blue / Wet = orange

A lot of comments have been made regarding the closeness in colour of the medium and the hard, with people stating that the two compounds will be indistinguishable at speed. Pirelli have said that they will continue to enforce the ‘one compound gap’ principle that Bridgestone started. However, they have also mentioned in the past that this will be evaluated. It could be the case, that on some harder wearing tracks, they will need to bring medium and hard – if this occurs, I am sure they will evaluate the markings.

I like the idea of marking the inters and wets. Again, many have been asking why, as the tread pattern should tell the difference. I have never been able to make out the tread of a tyre at 180mph! By marking them, we will see who is on the wets, and who is chancing it on a drying track. If a car is faster, we can tell which tyre is best to be on.

My concern is the view of the tyres from the overhead camera. I’ll admit, I was unsure how they would look in general, but that is a wait and see moment. From overhead though, you will only be able to see the marking on the inside, and with the suspension in the way, this could make it difficult to spot who is on what.

Another point. I hate the Pirelli logo! It looks so un-natural being straight, on a curved tyre. I’ve always thought it wrong. Why can they not do what they did with the promotional tyres, shown when the company got the supply contract – see below


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