Webber re-signs…

So Mark Webber has re-signed for Red Bull, just over a week after the teams controversial collision both on, and off, the track. While the F1 world felt Vettel was wrong to move right into his team-mate, the higher plane of management at Red Bull decided otherwise.

So why has Mark agreed to another year in a team which seems to favour the rising German star?

Well, Mark wants to win races, and hopefully a championship. Where will he do that? McLaren have their line up sorted for next year, So to do Mercedes (who also seem to favour German drivers), and Ferrari look increasingly likely to give Massa another shot. Even if he did head to the famous Italians, by partnering Alonso, wouldn’t he be in danger of receiving the same treatment?

Mark is a driver who takes no bull (pardon the pun), and will not simply defer to a team-mate unless he has no mathematical chance of winning the title, and his fellow driver does. We saw this last year, and I’m sure we’ll see it again. Red Bull have also come out and said they were wrong to criticise him for the collision, and it is now water under the bridge.

If Mark wants to win a championship, Red Bull is currently his best bet. He is already leading the title, has outperformed Vettel this season, and it was probably Red Bull trying to ensure that he doesn’t ‘do a Button’ at the end of the year.

It wouldn’t surprise me however, if his contract had a few additional clauses added, in the Aussie’s favour, after the incident in Turkey…


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