The 2010 Silly Season…

Last year was possibly one of the best silly seasons ever in F1. We all believed Button would stay with Brawn, we knew that Alonso would go to Ferrari, but there was speculation surrounding McLaren and Kimi, while Rosberg would surely be partnering Button…

Then it kicked off. Kimi was not going to McLaren, but off to the WRC. Rumours started that Button had visited Woking, and it was soon announced that the Champion was off to partner Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg was confirmed at Brawn, which was then bought by Mercedes (despite the rumours of a 75% stake, no-one was completely sure). Then the questions as to whether Schumacher would come back, as indeed he did. Established drivers went to new teams, others pulled out, in the end, it was a veritable merry-go-round of driver moves.

So to 2010, and the speculation of next season. With Red Bull confirming today that Mark Webber is continuing to partner Vettel in 2011, it means the top teams have effectively closed their doors. McLaren, Mercedes and now the Bulls have drivers on contract, while Ferrari look ever likely to continue with Massa.

That just leaves the midfield teams. Kubica would most likely stay at Renault, while Hulkenberg is signed to Williams. Force India are expected to drop Luizzi for Paul Di Resta later this season, and there’s no sign of Torro Rosso signing a big name driver. Sauber may take Heidfeld on but the rest is just scraps.

After every great sill season, comes one of less epic proportions. Unless Schumacher retires again, or Button throws a hissy strop comparable to that of Alonso, or by some miracle Mass departs Ferrari, I’d rather look forward to the on-track racing, than the speculation off it.


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