Malaysia – Podium line up?

It looks like this weekends race will be affected by storms and heavy rain. While this is usual in Malaysia, we all have to hope that we don’t see a repeat of the Fuji race in 2007, which spent half the distance behind the safety car. We also have to hope this year the race sees the chequered flag, rather than a red one.

However, it seems the general consensus amongst other fans is that McLaren will be on top in the rain. We know Jenson was able to pick the perfect time to pit for dry tyres in Melbourne, but will he even get the chance to use drys this weekend? Meanwhile, many of us still remember Lewis’ scintillating drive in the wet at Silverstone 2008. He also stayed in control at the aforementioned Japanese race.

However, whether it will be a 1-2 or not remains to be seen. If Red Bull can keep their reliability in check, they too should be able to make the podium. Then there is Michael Schumacher, struggling at present in the Mercedes, but with a history on the South Asian track, and known for keeping control in the wet.

Therefore, I believe that this race will once again be too close to call. With a safety car start likely, I will say Vettel for the win, with Hamilton second, and Alonso third.

As for the new teams, it seems HRT are coming strong, and have been impressive, scoring their first GP finish at their second attempt, despite having no testing. They’ve managed something Virgin haven’t and probably won’t be able to do until the European leg of the season starts. However on home ground, Lotus should have an advantage. Expect a sea of green and yellow in the grandstands this weekend. They will once again be the best of the new guys, with HRT getting a double finish.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts, let me know your predictions, and I’ll update my blog with your views!


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