Practice Form in Bahrain

It would seem that Ferrari have a car set up very well for the Bahrain desert, and Mercedes are close too. If we look at yesterday’s times, it would also seem that McLaren are there or there about. However we didn’t get to see Lewis Hamilton put in a fast qualifier, while Jenson only did one run.

So who has the best chance for pole? It looks like Alonso. His team-mate Massa didn’t seem to be able to dial the car into a fast lap, and the Mercedes was close, in the hands of Rosberg anyway, but not quite there. I don’t think we’ve seen the best from the others yet, and I would say Red Bull and McLaren are hiding their cards somewhat. Then there’s Renault, Sauber and Force India. I think we’ll see Kubica and Sutil mixing with the big four in the final ten.

Of the new teams, it looks like Virgin have stolen a march on Lotus, while I will not pass judgement on HRT yet. The Spanish team have done well just to get to Bahrain, although due to problems on Chandhok’s car, it will only be Bruno Senna who takes to the grid from their garage. His last lap was 10 seconds off Alonso’s time, but did they run at full throttle?

Alonso for pole, Glock the best of the new boys


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