Welcome to All About F1

So here we are, at the beginning of a new season, and perhaps the most exciting for years. Where better to start All About F1!

This blog is written by a fan for the fans. I’ll be following the F1 season as much the same as many, through broadcasting on television, magazines and news feeds. I’ll be bringing my outlook on stories, unbias and welcoming of comment.

So this has been the most exciting pre-season ever, with the return of Michael Schumacher, the unexpected move of Jenson Button to McLaren, the aquisition of Brawn by Mercedes, the introduction of four new teams, whittled down to two, then up to three with a pretender, and then three full stop.

The FIA selection process has come in for a lot of criticism recently, and questions must be asked. Why were teams allowed in when finances were not in place, and more experienced companies passed over? The appeal of establishing teams in new markets must be one option. Both Spain and the US are important areas for F1, while there is a large number of teams in Britain. Was this a factor? Or was it purely because these teams agreed to use the Cosworth Engine?

Only if an investigation is run will we know. But with the tender process open for 2011, we should get an idea as to whether the recent change in leadership will lead to a change in thinking.


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